Why It's Time to 'AKT' and Get Involved

AKT is an acronym that stands for Avodah (service),Kehillah (community), and Tzedakah (charity)—three attributes that define Jewish involvement. Together, we act to make a difference in our world and to each other. Our activities give purpose and meaning to our lives.

By getting involved, we strengthen the bond between ourselves and each other, as well as the synagogue. We add another dimension to our Jewish experience, and get to know each other outside of the sanctuary or religious school carpool. 

Getting involved means organizing and attending events that broaden our horizons and elevate our thoughts.

Getting involved means supporting shul activities, such as our Sisterhood-sponsored Shabbat kiddishes, or our Men's Club team at the annual Memphis Kosher Barbecue contest.

Getting involved also is an opportunity to enjoy ourselves and each other. No matter how much time you can spend, experience the joy of participation and fellowship.

Sat, November 18 2017 29 Cheshvan 5778