Rabbi Ilan is available to officiate at weddings inside or outside of our synagogue, but weddings at our shul are something special. Beth Sholom is an ideal place for a Jewish wedding, with a commercial kosher kitchen, plenty of room for dinner and dancing, a glamorous bridal dressing room, and of course our lovely, warm sanctuary for the service.

Rabbi Ilan will work with the couple to customize the ceremony and guide you in designing your chupah. You will learn what Judaism teaches us about marriage through conversations with the Rabbi about Jewish wedding traditions and the obligations of husbands and wives throughout history and in today’s modern world. You can call it Jewish premarital counseling! To deepen the spiritual experience, Beth Sholom invites brides to indulge themselves in a pre-wedding mikvah; an auf ruf and aliyah for the groom on the Shabbat before the wedding.

While both halves of the couple need to be Jewish for Rabbi Ilan to officiate, Jewish same-sex couples are warmly welcomed to be joined under the chupah in our shul.

Sat, November 18 2017 29 Cheshvan 5778