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Toward Shabbat: This Month

04/01/2022 11:28:10 AM


April 1st, 2022
29 Adar II 5782
This Shabbat marks a turning point on the Jewish calendar, but I imagine some of you may have already been in this moRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Approaching

03/25/2022 10:08:55 AM


March 25th, 2022
22 Adar II 5782
This week, in Parashat Shemini, after a series of instructions for how the sacrifices will be carried out, Moshe commRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Book of Memories

03/18/2022 10:26:10 AM


March 18th, 2022
15 Adar II 5782
The Purim story is one that continues to unfold in unexpected ways. But this year, I tried to think about where the sRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Unexpected Outcomes

03/11/2022 09:09:09 AM


March 11th, 2022
8 Adar II 5782
One of the most fun components of Purim is its topsy-turvy nature. We wear costumes to take on new identities, we act Read more...

Toward Shabbat: Records

03/04/2022 11:37:10 AM


March 4th, 2022
1 Adar II 5782
This week’s parashah, Pekudei, is the last one in the book of Shemot (Exodus), and it also brings a close to the detaRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Peace for Ukraine

02/25/2022 11:32:41 AM


February 25th, 2022
24 Adar I 5782

It seemed to be inevitable, it seemed like it would surely happen, and yet waking up yesterday morning to the newsRead more...

Rabbi Sarit's Shabbat Sermon: Ki Tissa

02/20/2022 03:00:39 PM


February 20th, 2022
20 Adar I 5782 
Click here to listen to a recording of Rabbi Sarit's sermon from this past Shabbat.

There are moments - moment

Toward Shabbat: Shabbat as a Bridge

02/18/2022 11:50:39 AM


February 18th, 2022
17 Adar I 5782

Parker Palmer often teaches on the Tragic Gap, the distance between our current reality and our ideal. Part of ouRead more...

Rabbi Sarit's Shabbat Sermon: Tetzaveh

02/12/2022 07:17:09 PM


February 12th, 2022
12 Adar I 5782 
Click here to listen to a recording of Rabbi Sarit's sermon for this Shabbat.

I’ve never had a job with a uni

Toward Shabbat: Light Within

02/11/2022 11:23:54 AM


February 11th, 2022
11 Adar I 5782

Burnout has been a popular word as of late. Total exhaustion that so many are experiencing. The notion that folks Read more...
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