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Toward Shabbat: Tender-Hearted

01/15/2021 10:38:15 AM


January 15th, 2021
2 Shevat 5781
In 1959, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a sermon called “A Tough Mind and an Open Heart.” He taught that the culRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Yehi Shalom

01/08/2021 10:10:14 AM


January 8th, 2021
24 Tevet 5781
This Shabbat, we begin reading the book of Shemot, the book of the Torah that chronicles our slavery in Mitzrayim and Read more...

Toward Shabbat: A Year of Healing

01/01/2021 10:09:12 AM


January 1st, 2021
17 Tevet 5781
It’s hard to process any moment while you’re still in it. Throughout this pandemic, I have tried to ask myself queRead more...

Toward Shabbat: 2021

12/25/2020 09:37:42 AM


December 25th, 2020
10 Tevet 5781
A midrash describes that both love and hate can upset the natural order of the world. In essence, love and hate are Read more...

Toward Shabbat: Surprising Joy

12/18/2020 10:42:44 AM


December 18th, 2020
3 Tevet 5781
On this last day of Hanukkah, I am reflecting on what this holiday can mean for us, this year. What can I learn from Read more...

Toward Shabbat: Normal Lights

12/11/2020 08:56:58 AM


December 11th, 2020
25 Kislev 5781
The Hanukkah lights are meant to be a spectacle; they aren’t meant to have any purpose besides being lit for HanuRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Fear and Faith

12/04/2020 09:55:59 AM


December 4th, 2020
18 Kislev 5781
Jacob, awaiting meeting his long-lost brother Esav, isn’t exactly anticipating a loving, celebratory family reuniRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Gratitude in the Dark

11/27/2020 11:17:12 AM


November 27th, 2020
11 Kislev 5781
Despite a rough start in Jacob’s life which we read about last week, when he tricked his father and stole his twiRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Blessings from Lentils

11/20/2020 10:33:28 AM


November 20th, 2020
4 Kislev 5781

Every year on the Shabbat of Parashat Toledot, I make something with lentils. (This is what I’ll be eating for SRead more...

Toward Shabbat: for our Veterans

11/13/2020 10:11:59 AM


November 13th, 2020
26 Cheshvan 5781
Almighty God, on this day in 1918,
—11th day, 11th month, 11th hour of that day—
we signed the armistice to e
Mon, January 18 2021 5 Shevat 5781