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Toward Shabbat: Bedrock of Love

04/20/2018 11:38:13 AM


April 20, 2018
5 Iyar, 5778

When I was a kid, I was part of an Israeli dance troupe. Our costumes were exactly what you might imagine - blue and whitRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Never Forget

04/13/2018 11:04:23 AM


April 13, 2018
27 Nissan, 5778

I often think about my Zayde, Leon Cooper z”l, in the Amida when we recite the m’chayei hameitim blessing, thankRead more...

Toward Shabbat: We Together

04/05/2018 11:50:49 AM


April 5, 2018 20 Nissan, 5778 They say it takes several years, but yesterday I felt like a Memphian. It was a powerful and profound day to be here, to mark the passage of time, to acknowledge our successes and think about the work that has yet to beRead more...

Toward Pesach

03/30/2018 09:40:32 AM


March 30, 2018 14Nissan, 5778 One of my favorite childrens Pesach books is The Carp in the Bathtub. It tells the story of a young girl living with her brother, parents, and grandparents in a small New York apartment. Every year, Mama comes home frRead more...

Toward Shabbat: A Shabbat of Hope

03/23/2018 11:02:44 AM


March 23, 2018 7 Nissan, 5778 This Shabbat, the Shabbat immediately preceding Pesach, is known as Shabbat HaGadol, the Great Shabbat. According to tradition, the day that the Israelites got the instruction for each household to slaughter the lamb, tRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Bringing Justice

03/16/2018 11:04:35 AM


March 16, 2018 29Adar, 5778 The seder is perhaps Judaisms most brilliant creation of experiential education. We sit around the table and are meant to elaborate the telling of the story of the Exodus. We are meant to make the story compelling, we aRead more...

Toward Shabbat: An Open Seat

03/09/2018 11:31:55 AM


March 9, 2018 22 Adar, 5778 Last weekend was an incredible weekend of joy, warmth, and welcome. I am so grateful to all of you that joined in the installation celebrations. As I mentioned in my remarks, you turn strangers into friends. Its a beautiRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Standing Before You

03/02/2018 10:56:19 AM


March 3, 2018 15 Adar, 5778 Before every Amidah that we say, in any service, there are six words we recite quietly to ourselves: : God, open my lips and my mouth will declare Your praise. -PsalmRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Concealing to Reveal

02/23/2018 11:47:48 AM


February 23, 2018 8 Adar, 5778 Costumes are a big part of celebrating Purim, but not just because its a fun and playful way to celebrate. Purim asks us to think about putting on a mask to allow ourselves even just a day to reveal parts of ourselvesRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Joy Will Have To Wait

02/16/2018 11:29:02 AM


February 16, 2018 1 Adar, 5778 This week we entered the month of Adar, the month in which we celebrate Purim. Our tradition teaches that when the month of Adar begins, we should increase our joy - mishenichnas Adar, marbim bsimcha. The rabbis imagiRead more...
Fri, April 20 2018 5 Iyyar 5778