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Toward Shabbat: The Climb

09/23/2022 10:39:42 AM


September 23, 2022
27 Elul 5782
My favorite services of the entire High Holiday lineup have always been Selichot and Neilah. But it only occurred to mRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Torch in the Dark

09/16/2022 08:14:11 AM


September 16, 2022
20 Elul 5782

Part of Ki Tavo, which we read tomorrow, is rather cringeworthy. There are curses. Lots of curses. In the theologicalRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Hold our Heads Up

09/09/2022 08:35:26 AM


September 2, 2022
13 Elul 5782
How long, Adonai, shall I cry out
And You not listen,
Shall I shout to You, “Violence!”
And You not save?
​​

Toward Shabbat: The Prophet in Us

09/02/2022 08:16:11 AM


September 2, 2022
6 Elul 5782
We’ve probably all second guessed our words. Or perhaps we’ve walked away from a social situation and wondered if weRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Theology of Geography

08/26/2022 11:20:25 AM


August 26, 2022
29 Av 5782
“There is a theology of geography,” Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder of the Chicago Theological Seminary wrote.  “TheRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Stain Stories

08/19/2022 08:54:56 AM


August 19, 2022
22 Av 5782
On Tuesday of this week, I realized that the shirt I was wearing carried memories. It was one of the first professional pieRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Shabbat's Gift

08/12/2022 09:40:11 AM


August 12, 2022
15 Av 5782
One of the features of Jewish life that I treasure most is having a life oriented around Shabbat. Shabbat is so much the hRead more...

Toward Shabbat: We Are Not Alone

08/05/2022 09:10:42 AM


August 5, 2022
8 Av 5782
I remember speaking with a woman who had just lost her sister. She was preparing for shiva, but she was self conscious about Read more...

Toward Shabbat: Healing in the Journey

07/29/2022 10:11:26 AM


July 29th, 2022
1 Av 5782
Several years ago at our Pesach seder, my sister-in-law, a child psychologist, talked about the re-telling of the Passover sRead more...

Toward Shabbat: Weight of the World

07/22/2022 10:04:55 AM


July 22nd, 2022
23 Tammuz 5782
One of the things I value most about Judaism is the way the calendrical cycle offers us opportunities to embrace variouRead more...
Fri, September 30 2022 5 Tishrei 5783