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DrumDaven is a new creative service designed by Rabbi Ilan that crosses the Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat service with a drum circle.

Where did this idea come from?  Rabbi Ilan explains, "About ten years ago I was at a personal growth conference all about healing. We had a drum circle with about 1,000 people.  It was remarkable to hear so many people drumming together. I had two thoughts during it - the first was that I needed to do that more often, and the second was that I needed to create a 'DrumDaven' and get Jews drumming together [daven is yiddish for prayer].  This service is an opportunity for us to be moved by the rhythms of our prayers. Hopefully we'll come away with a renewed appreciation for music, rhythm, prayer, God, and life itself."

Rabbi Ilan adds, "Science tells us that when a group of people drum together, their heartbeats actually synchronize, their heart rates and blood pressure go down, and they feel more connected to themselves and to each other. Prayer, at its best, has the same effects. The goal of every drum circle, like prayer, is to feel our heartbeat. At DrumDaven, we experiment with a new way of connecting to God - with our voices, hands, feet, shakers, and drums."

No drumming or davening experience is required to attend. Please DO bring any drums, shakers, and percussion instruments with you. Be creative - spices can make great shakers. Bottles and jars can make great drums! Spaghetti and pasta boxes make a nice sound too and can be donated to the food bank afterwards.

Beth Sholom hosts DrumDaven once every few months.

Thu, May 24 2018 10 Sivan 5778