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Religious School Registration 2019-2020

Registration 2019-2020
Welcome to our new online school registration form. This form allows you to register BY FAMILY.  Contact Geo Poor with any questions.



Please provide the name and number of a local friend or family member who can be contacted in the case of emergency (if both parents are unreachable).



Name and phone number

If no more children skip to next section


Name and Phone Number

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Name and Phone Number

Medical Release & Liability
If my child is ill or injured at school and needs emergency care, and I cannot be contacted, I hereby authorize Beth Sholom Synagogue (“BSS”) to make whatever arrangements are necessary. I agree to assume all responsibility and expenses, including transportation, incurred at that time. Emergency care will be provided as directed by emergency personnel responding to BSS.

By selecting Yes below and by enrolling my child(ren) in Religious School at Beth Sholom Synagogue, I indicate my agreement to the above terms and conditions.

Medical Release & Liability


Parent/Student Covenant

Our school atmosphere is one based on mutual respect for learning and growth. In the spirit of community, and in order to achieve our goals and ensure the integrity of our program, the following is the covenant to which the student, parent and Synagogue agree:

Standards of Behavior:

Each Religious School student agrees to:

1. Arrive on time to class.
2. Be courteous and kind to teachers and other students.
3. Treat the building and its classrooms respectfully.
4. Enter the Sanctuary with special care and respect.
5. Participate in T’fillah (prayer services) to the best of his/her ability.
6. Turn in assignments regularly and on time.
7. Participate in class activities to the best of his/her ability, without intentionally causing disruptions.
8. Never act in a way that prevents another student from learning.

The School, Teachers and Parents agree to:
1. Promise to listen and respond to all issues.
2. Assist any student who needs extra help.
3. Create an atmosphere of warmth and inclusiveness.
4. Participate as a partner in the Jewish development of the student.


Parent/Student Covenant



BSS Member

Associate Member


Pre-K – 7

   (Thursdays and Shabbat)







Teen Talmud Torah, Grades 8 - 12





Programming fee (per family)




Mon, January 18 2021 5 Shevat 5781