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Welcome to Our Shabbat Learning Community!

Beth Sholom is a friendly, welcoming Conservative synagogue where people from all walks of life find a comfortable home. Spirited davening, inspired singing, and congregational participation are hallmarks of our worship. As an egalitarian synagogue with a traditional (yet modern!) approach to Judaism, we ask both men and women to wear head coverings, available at the synagogue. Tallitot are worn by men and many women.

On Shabbat mornings, you can choose from a variety of spiritual and learning activities in addition to services in our main sanctuary.

  • Starbucks Shabbat, on the first Shabbat of the month, adults gather at 9am for an adult-oriented Jewish learning session prior to services, with thought-provoking discussions, good coffee, and a little sweet nosh. 
  •   Shabbat Meditation, once a month we explore the theme of the week's parshah in a guided meditation. A great way to warm up for services and start your day - for novice and experienced meditators alike. 8:45 am
  •   Mystical Readings on the Parshah, join us in studying a spiritual Hasidic interpretation of the weekly parshah. Noon-ish, in the library.

Traditional, spirited Friday evening services are held once a month.

Beth Sholom also recently introduced Musical Kabbalat Shabbat, an ecstatic musical meditative Kabbalat Shabbat service that uses musical instruments and creative innovations to create a highly spiritual and fun Kabbalat Shabbat experience.  Click here for more information.

Babysitting is available so your children can have their own Shabbat experience while you attend services. Babysitting is available every Shabbat morning under the experienced, warm, and nurturing care of “Miss Susan,” aka Susan Alexander Gross.

And did we mention lunch?

Every Shabbat morning is capped by the incomparable Beth Sholom Kiddush Lunch - and you’re always invited.

So, join us on Shabbat—whether or not you know all the prayers and rituals. You'll leave knowing a little bit more and with a feeling of peace that only Shabbat can provide.

Fri, September 18 2020 29 Elul 5780