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Beth Sholom Synagogue is home to the only egalitarian mikvah between Cairo, Illinois, and New Orleans, Louisiana, open to both women and men (separately, of course).

Our mikvah appeals to the modern sensibility, a place where ancient laws (halachah) are honored and an ancient tradition is reborn in progressive ways that not only honor the past but also speak to the future of God’s creation. 

Our mikvah is filled not only with living water, but also with living Judaism, functioning as one of the Mid-South’s most compelling sources for learning and growth. It is a place to explore our spiritual depths, to find the essence of shalom, to celebrate all of life’s transitions and wonders, to pray, to cry, to hope, and to dream with holiness.


The mikvah has millennia of tradition in Jewish spiritual practice. The mikvah is perfect for people who

  • are experiencing a major life change
  • are converting
  • want to connect to the spiritual cycles of water and nature 
  • want to spend some time meditating in the present moment, supported in the comforting embrace of tradition, the elements, and the Divine Presence
  • want to experience an embodied spirituality

Our mikvah expert, Sally Rosenberg, designs individual visits to the mikvah by bringing kavanot (spiritual intentions), readings, poetry, music, and prayer to customize your personal spiritual experience.  Contact her at 901-355-5168 to plan your visit.


Fri, September 30 2022 5 Tishrei 5783